Thursday, 11 December 2014

Do You Pin?

If you were to take a look at my Pinterest ("iwantitall" FYI) you would instantly spot my weakness for a good quote and a solid dye job. I can't get enough of them. Both respectively can lift my mood and offer inspiration ahead of a difficult day or a looming trip to the hairdressers. Show me a Victoria’s Secret worthy blow dry or a beautifully scripted quote and either could get my juices flowing.

But seriously, I do love a good quote or life mantra. Whether you need the motivation to hit the gym, take that leap of faith with your work/ relationship/ life or simply need a justification for your spendy ways, (Life Is Too Short. Buy The Damn Shoes.) Pinterest homes it all.

Given my current situation where I am saving like mad to move out and even thinking about the M word, a mortgage: Pinterest is both the place where I go to seek solace and personally torture myself.

If I could live in my Pinterest, I would. I would no doubt get sick of all the guacamole recipes I’ve pinned but I’d still do it. I live vicariously through my pins with fantasies of a marble bathroom, waist length hair and even my own wedding all the while feeling utterly desperate for all of these things. 

As I’m getting to work on achieving all of these things I do know this much: I do have a head full of inspirational quotes to reach for when I need a pick-me-up and I’ve totally mastered my guacamole recipe. 

And that's a little note to leave you on. Dream Big. 

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