Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I am very minimal with my hair and a quick session with my curling wand is as technical as it gets when I need a ‘fancy’ do or want to look pulled together. I’m not much for head pieces and I even opted out of wearing a tiara for my sister’s wedding in October as they’re not really ‘me’ but I think I’ll have to reconsider that statement once I tell you about a recent purchase.

The item in question that has changed my mind on any sort of head dress is a jewelled beauty from Zara. Seriously, can we just take a minute all the prettiness going on here? It’s a bit Grecian in style with the half-crown design and my Fiancé most definitely piped up with a few Julius Caesar jokes as I was queuing but I’m so pleased I picked this up.

I wore it for a wedding and it added that extra special touch to dress up my outfit and I wedged it into place with a little backcombing into my loosely curled hair. I got so many compliments when I wore this and certainly be wearing it again on the run up to Christmas. I think this would look equally as chic with a slouchy sweater and straight hair but I have to admit, a bit of texture and volume in the hair helps keep it in place as it is plenty heavy enough!

Coming from the woman who has twice invested in a fedora hat and failed in actually ever wearing it outside as I’ve admired them from afar but couldn’t ever get up close and personal with any sort of headwear I am so happy that I wore something a little different for me. I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on… 

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