Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cheap Thrills For Under a Tenner

You know that feeling when payday couldn't come sooner and you're down to your last tenner but still itching to shop? Well I am a self-confessed serial consumer and my need to spend has made me quite resourceful when it comes to getting the best bang for my buck.
If you're going to blow your last £10 then you've got to make it worth it and just that little bit special, you know? I propose you pick a cheap thrill; that inexpensive purchase that is an instant ‘pick-me-up’.

The Nail Polish. There's just something about a new nail lacquer that is totally comforting and an affordable indulgence for any day of the week. Essie nail polishes will always feel just that little bit fancy and a bright pop of pink is sure to put  a smile on your face.

The Facial Roller. This is as close to a spa as you're going to get for £10. In fact this facial roller from Body Shop is a steal at £6. You can give yourself the feel of a professional facial massage with your own fair hands (well, with the roller technically).

The Eyelash Serum. There’s an abundance of fancy lash growth serums on the market but I swear by this one and it's such a bargain price. So why is a serum a cheap thrill? Ok so it's not immediate in its results but knowing you're on your way to a fuller flutter just seems a treat and I always feel better with thick lashes, and knowing they’re naturally mine gives me that smug feeling.

The Foundation Sample. Ok so this is probably my favourite thrill of the lot. Why? Because it's completely FREE. You can pick up foundation samples relatively easy now and they're a pretty generous size too to give you a fair try at a new colour or formula. If you’re feeling ‘blah’ with your makeup mixing things up and cracking out a new foundation can refresh your whole look so being able to do this for free before the commitment of buying a £30 bottle is always going to be a feel-good factor.

The Lip Liner.  I picked this up just the other day for the exact reason I’m on about… I wasn’t after anything in particular but I just needed to spend some money that was burning a hole in my pocket. I plumped for a lip liner because it’s not an area of makeup I’m massively familiar with. I'm very minimal in the lip department and a slick of the Dior Glow balm is as fancy as things get around these parts for an everyday lip so a lip liner filled the brief of something new, intriguing but won’t break the bank. I’ve had fun playing around with this a.k.a I’ve been polishing up on the Kylie Jenner pout. 

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