Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Things That Should Exist By Now Yet Woefully Don't

I have never been a huge fan of Back to the Future, sure I've seen the film but nothing really grabbed me to ever give it a second thought but thanks to today being 21st October 2015 (the date which Marty McFly travelled forward in time to) and the torrent of media attention around this significant date, I felt inclined to take another look at the film. 

I noted that a lot of the developments were vehicular and hoverboards were the main thing as well as contactless payment (hello Apple Pay) but this didn't really excite me and I've pulled together my two cents on what really should have been developed and exist by now, yet woefully haven't.  

That gadget from Men In Black which wipes your memory. YES! If like me, you're a big Netflix fan (emphasis on the actual 'Netflix' and not the 'chill') then you're bound to have worked your way through the entirety of its library and sat stuck paying £6.95 /pm for re-runs of Suits and even perusing the Foreign Films category (thank you, subtitles). Seriously though, the memory rinsing mechanism would be an absolute joy to use and I would love to experience Friends again with new eyes. Imagine having to wait a whole SERIES to see what happened when Ross said Rachel's name at his wedding to Emily. Oh the thrill of it! Most underrated series cliffhanger, ever. 

Remember Barbie? I was a big Barbie fan when I was a little girl and what was my favourite doll you ask? Cut Hair Barbie. Sure you could only lob off her locks the once before pulling through the spare blonde locks tucked neatly inside her scalp (eurgh) where you're then restricted strictly to layers and going for an en Vogue 'lob' but I loved this doll. Sadly I never learnt that there wasn't a limitless amount of hair inside my doll so she sadly looked very G.I Jane but if this technology (I use this term very loosely) could be put into practise in the beauty industry I would be ever so grateful. Limitless hair growing from my head would be one of my wishes if I were to meet a Genie and sure we have hair extensions but how we have not been able to create some super duper hair growth serum yet that gives us endless possibilities with our hair? 

A hair dryer that is super speedy goddammit! Like a cycling helmet that you place on your head for one minute and hey presto your hair is perfectly coiffed. I know I'm not alone in my detest for blow-drying my hair. The aching arms, the cock-handedness of reaching around the back of your head, the feeling of defeat when you're 80% dry and you realise you've overdone it with the Moroccan Oil and you've got greasy roots. Can't a girl catch a break? 

Pretty push-up bras for DD+. Sitting somewhere above that cup size  and being 24 years old I can confidently say that what Britain is really lacking are good bras! As soon as you venture further past DD in the bra department the straps automatically become an inch wider, the back strap has an extra hook and the cups are almost always sheer. Why is it that lingerie companies assume that being bigger busted means we have no taste or want pretty, delicate bras? And further to that, why wouldn't you ever put a bit padding or still use molded cups with a DD+ bra? This is 2015!!! 

Now I'm aware of online streaming (I'm from the generation where Limewire downloads was a source of currency among MSN friends) so I know that we can watch practically anything online but I do wish that we had the option to go to the cinema, at home. I'm talking watching perfect quality films, no buffering, no dodgy hand-cam catching some bloke nipping to the loo from the front row and no sticky floors. Just seeing the film, on its release date, without having to leave home. I do love the experience of going to the cinema but more often than not I miss out on seeing films as I never find the time to travel to town and see a film before it's being rolled out for DVD release. I'd pay for this is Vue fancies rolling out this idea... And I'd supply my own pic'n'mix. 

Instant online shopping. Click and collect is not enough, I need click and magically-appear-in-my-wardrobe. ASOS are certainly doing their fair share of the work here to maybe make this a possibility one day as I've tried out their same day delivery option before in a time of desperation and a friend's birthday drinks looming but I need it faster. 

Speaking of online shopping and my subsequent spending, why the hell does it still take 3- 5 working days for money to return to our bank accounts after we've returned something? Yes banks 'hold' money and there is a transaction blah, blah, blah but in an age where we can send a selfie instead of an online password for a security check why can't I get my money back on an ill-advised dungaree purchase as swiftly as I return the damn things? 

What else can you add to my list? What do you wish was available and invented by now? Tweet me @racheljones_ 

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