Thursday, 24 January 2013



Beetlejuice by rachelannjones featuring a black and white striped dress

Monochrome is appearing in all the shops for S/S 13 and I like it. Black and white (with a little grey chucked in for measure) are the main colours I wear. They are so easy to wear but sometimes wearing them together like these items,  can look a bit tricky to pull off but it shouldn't be. The trouses are the most daring in my opinion  Motel but these two dresses Motel dress and H&M dress are lovely and the great thing about it being the one item making a whole outfit, you don't have to worry about how to style it and what to pair it with. Just chuck on some boots and a leather jacket, weather permitting of course, and you're done. 

Now if you like this look but aren't sure how to introduce this into you're wardrobe the cardigan,  River Island
is exactly what you need, as it is a nod to the monochrome trend but is also just great looking and so cosy which is suitable for the weather we are having in dear old England. 

Finally, the nail wraps via  Boots are the perfect way to dip your toes, or fingernails, into this trend  as it is a cheap and easy way to experiment with a trend without commiting to spending money on something that will just hang in your wardrobe looking pretty. 

I hope you like this and I think I may have to get some monochrome of my own. Motel looks like the place to go, there is an abundance of monochrome on their website currently, and if you are a student, they have 25% discount. What enablers! 

Thanks for reading. 
Rachel x

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  1. Love this wishlist , monochrome is sooo hottt xx