Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wishlist #1

Shopping Wishlist

Shopping Wishlist by rachelannjones featuring topshop

 My current wishlist of a few things I have my eye on. 

Topshop Paisley print Leggings £25 - I saw this in town the other day and thought they were really pretty and they looked and felt good quality and were thicker than your normal leggings, I instantly regretted not buying these and so I will pop into my local Topshop tomorrow after Uni and maybe pick these up. 

Topshop Casual Shirt £36 -  This is another case of regretting not buying this when I saw it. It is quite basic but I don't have a white shirt, and it's an essential for your wardrobe right? It feels so, so soft. 

Essie Absolutely Shore - I have quite a few Essie polishes now and I'm normally a dark nails kinda gal but it looks gorgeous in the bottle, when I googled this polish to see how it looked on I had mixed thoughts, it seems to look better on short nails where as mine are naturally long, but if I spot this in Boots I may pick it up. 

Nars Cordura £24 - I have very recently ventured into NARS cosmetics with a blusher, which I have used daily, and I want to get a duo eyeshadow and this seems to be the one for me, a bronze and a taupe. I don't know how good their shadows are so will have a little Google/ Youtube session and I know that ASOS stock NARS so I could buy this with student discount which will slightly soften the blow to my bank account. 

Has anybody tried NARS eyeshadow before

Rachel x 


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