Saturday, 23 February 2013

A mixture of pieces

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Hello! This is quite a mixture of things that I like currently, with no real theme other than I would happily have them all in my wardrobe. 

The cut-out top is from Cheap Monday and I really like this, it is a simple piece but the elbow detail is a bit different, I have the odd 'cold shoulder' tee and last year the elbow patch detailing was a big thing, neither I was huge on so I think this is a happy medium of the trends and I would like this, comfy but stylish, lazy fashion, my kind of thing. Though at £35, I might even have a go at some DIY, snipping and cutting a black jersey top, I did get an A in Textiles GCSE after all. 

Who can ever have enough Zara handbags? This will be my next Zara baby. I love their bags, they are such good quality for the price and I haven't got a nude handbag so it would be a welcome addition. It is nice and big too, to haul my entire life around. The plaited handles are a nice detail too. It is £39.99. 

I saw this jacket in River Island earlier in the week and really liked the look of it, I don't often see things in River Island and haven't bought anything from there in months now so I am pleased to be seeing new things this season that I do like and would buy. I saw the lovely Lily Pebbles Instagram of her wearing a jacket similar to this and commented asking if it was this one, and she was nice enough to reply to me, turns out hers was from Romwe. Anyway, yes so this jacket is £65 and fitting with the monochrome trend which is my absolute favourite.

The smock dress is from Topshop and I recently bought this dress which is the same sort of shape and I love it. I wore it on a night out but it can also be worn in the day with tights and come the Summer months with bare legs and my new wedges I got for my birthday. I like the check pattern of this dress and the colour too, I am guilty of having a colourless wardrobe so I am making a concious effort to introduce a bit of colour. I even bought a neon pink jumper from H&M for my birthday and I gave myself a mental pat on the back as I paid at the till. 

Rachel xo

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