Friday, 22 February 2013

Céline T-shirt

Céline t-shirt

I have wanted the Céline inspired tee for a while now and always wanted the white version but after buying this  t-shirt from River Island which is pretty much a rip off of the original, I don't really need it. However I really do like the look of the black version. I cannot find a link on ebay and it seems that all the black are out of stock currently. This is how I would style it.
 I have several the grey midi skirt from Topshop as well as a gorgeous purple glitter midi they did back around Christmas time, which I think a top like this would make these kind of skirts more wearable

The jacket is from H&M and I like the colour as it is more apt for the coming Spring time but here in Britain, we'll still need a jacket so this is perfect I feel. 
The court shoes are from River Island, again, River Island are really going up in my expectations and I am starting to see more things in there. 

I have mentioned before that I wanted a 'true nude' nail polish colour and this OPI My Vampire is Buff (interesting name) looks a creamy off- white, which is what I want. The price of OPI is the only downside, especially since Essie is so widely available now and just as good in my opinion but much more affordable. 

I love using Polyvore  for making these sort of mood boards and outfits as well as checking out other collages for inspiration. It's like flicking through a magazine and seeing something you like but you can have a go at it yourself too. 

Rachel xo 


  1. this shirt is something i really want to get for summer and the way you styled it is sooo awesome and i would wear it with the disco pants because i'm not a jeans kind of person but this outfit is just stylish anyway.

  2. Perfect pieces! Need a skirt like that so bad :) lovely blog
    I've just 're-started' my blog (after a huge time out) and I'd love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think! All feedback is welcome :)
    Giveaway coming soon too! Stephanie x

  3. what a lovely outfit! I really want that shirt!

    You may want to check out my blog too and maybe even follow back?

    Andrea xx