Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Smoothing Duo

Recently my hair has been a little drab to say the least. I could style it with my eyes closed and always reach for my trusty Moroccan Oil and Redken's anti-snap leave-in treatment. Whilst these two products certainly do their job and I have no complaints with either, I wanted to mix it up a little and see what else is on the market. I am pleased as punch with my purchases. 

I tottered into town to my local Superdrug and picked up the Tresemme Platinum Strength leave-in treatment and L'oreal Elvive Smooth & Polish Thermo Detangling Spray. Both smell amazing which is always a plus and I like to use them in conjunction with eachother. The Tresemme cream I apply to the ends and the L'oreal detangling spray all over and comb it through. The detangling spray has heat protection which is handly also as I don't have to use a third product like before (note: I like the Tresemme keratin smooth heat protection or L'oreal elnett volume spray which contains heat protectant).

I am loving this combo I've got going on and would recommend to anyone, they are affordable products and available in any Boots or Superdrug. I'm always on the lookout for my hair saviour and I want mine smooth and shiny- check for the smoothness, still need a litlle sumat' sumat' in the shine department. 

What are your hair hero products?  

Rachel xo

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  1. Definitely going to check these out next time i'm in Boots!