Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Sweet Treat for our Hair.

Today I'm talking about hair and one area in particular that I have long been researching and spending on, treatments! I am a sucker for a new ingredient, formula or even scent- who knows how it could help our heads? Last year as a part of Glamour magazine's fairly regular freebies, I was introduced to the brand Percy & Reed, having this slight obsession and my on-going hunt for the ultimate treatment, I naturally opted for the Totally TLC Hydrating Mask. I must add I was living in Spain at the time and my boyfriend picked this up for me and packed it with him when he paid a visit, so it was an absolute treat- my excitement of seeing the Boy and receiving this came in equal measures ;)

Under the Spanish sun my hair really did need that extra TLC and I found this to be really nourishing and left my hair soft and manageable. This soon got lost among an ocean of masks burrowing away in my hair basket but I've been reaching for it once again thanks to the beaming sun we've been having here in the UK and it has been a welcome addition in my shower and helped my parched hair. So why is it so special? What's it have that other masks don't? 


Marshmallow is said to strengthen and nourish the hair, it also smells delicious and that good-enough-to-eat scent lingers in your hair throughout the day so a little extra hair swishing may be in order post-wash. 

Marshmallow can be beneficial to your hair and scalp for the slippery texture it gives - easing detangling, softening the hair and it is packed with plant proteins that promotes hair growth, adds shine and protects the scalp by adding moisture and soothing any skin inflammation. 

I like to think that this sweet treat all plump and delicious, can offer the same effects for our locks, plumping up each strand, adding a glossy finish and feeding out hair with essential proteins. What a fun way to enjoy marshmallows, calorie-free. Although we could just eat a bunch of marshamallows and fingers crossed they do the same for our hair? Non? 

 Rachel xo

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