Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Decor: Room Scent

I love a good scent and I have a long love affair with candles but alas I have moved on as I have recently struggled with my last few burning and found them to leave a faint black smoke stain against my wall which is proving hard to budge. 

I thought I would pick up a reed diffuser instead as it is all the scrumptious scent without the flame. I opted for Next's diffuser in Antigua which is one of three new fragrances from their summer line. Described as a blend of juicy mango, sun-drenched papaya, green fig, iced water and fresh pineapple, Antigua sounds good enough to eat, doesn't it? 

This diffuser is now taking pride of place on my chimney breast shelf, centre stage to a painting my other half painted of yours truly, a few picture frames of some dear faces and an empty bottle of perfume I can't bear to throw away. 
I picked this up for £14 for a 170ml bottle, very reasonable I feel. The bottle was full to the brim on purchase and I've had it for a month now and it is around a quarter of the bottle used. The scent fills my whole room full of loveliness and whafts down the corridor, much to my brother's dismay, papaya isn't really his 'thang.

The smell of this is nothing less than delicious and scent is a very emotive sense, this really takes you to another place, as I sit writing this, my dressing gown and bed have magically become a (far more glamorous) bikini and a sun-lounger as I type merrily away. Now, excuse me while I go whack my radiator on full to really get into this tropical experience I have going on here in Antigua.

Rachel xo


  1. Sounds like a nice scent :) x

  2. my mum always uses her's in the lounge and i love it! Next have some lovely things for the home!

    bec X