Monday, 17 June 2013

Beauty Samples

I am a sucker for a sample and have been lucky in the past to have an big sister working in 'The Industry' to give me goodies galore so much so that I have only recently felt the blow of paying full price for my favourite 'high-end' makeup and skincare.  

But when the beauty bug has bitten, there is no going back. I've become hooked on some delicious products and I've never been good with goodbyes. I enjoy the slight twinge when I pass over my card, butterflies for the anticipation of getting my mitts on a new product and the slight nausea caused when I'm handed the receipt, crikey that's a a lot of numbers. This is when I become really quite excited and grateful for a good sample, we mere mortals can dip our toes, though fingers would be much more hygienic, into the latest beauty buys with a host of serums, creams, gels and mousses all without parting with out hard-earned cash. I have discovered many a miracle product along the way and have been happy to go ahead and purchase full-size with confidence in my decision and in the product, thanks to a sample. Equally it has saved me from the odd mistake in the past. 

Some beauty counters can be a bit tight and don't offer samples but I've found with a little perseverance, remembering your Ps and Qs and a smile which never goes a miss, you can try out an array of makeup and skincare and who know's what you'll discover? 

Rachel xo


  1. I love samples as well, and especially perfume samples as I sometimes can go home remembering it smelt so differently in the store and I love the small bottles that comes with perfume bottles ;)
    Really great post!

    Christina xx

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