Sunday, 9 June 2013

La vie actuellement// Life currently

Good evening, hope you've had a great weekend. I have had a great past week, with it being my last week of having nothing to do, I have relished in it and sunbathed pretty much non-stop, resulting in having a fairly decent and natural tan. My boyfriend and I have had a visitor this weekend in the form of our very close friend and fine Welshie, Holly! I've also squeezed in some time for dinner and drinks with the girls and shopping, bien sur! ( I'm practicing my french wherever I can, heres why...)  
Tomorrow I start my first job since having completed my 4 year long degree at the end of April and I'm really looking forward to it- the title of this post has a nod to the French language as my new job will entail a little language skills, which I am more than happy about having devoted a lot of years on French, Spanish and most recently, Italian. Besides beauty and fashion which occupies the majority of my time and attention, I am a real linguist, I love everything to do with foreign languages aswell as English langauge- I have a degree in it after all (BA Hons English Language and Spanish with Year Abroad). Waffling over.. Picture time...

 My dog, Maddi, a blueroan cockerspaniel, being too cool in some sunnies.

 The Boy and I. We went to a monkey forest in the city where we live and the weather was gorgeous, but in this pic I needed an extra layer as it got a bit chilly in the shade.

Said welshie friend, Holly who paid us a visit. Monkey photobombing us. 

In the park after seeing all the monkeys. My dress is from Topshop.

 Holly, Aaron aka The Boy, My brother, Ollie and I.

 Pizza feast. 

 Out at the canal where we live. 
Out for a drink. Top is from Primark. 


 Steph and I.
 Shoe twins, sandals from Primark. 

 The best sunbathing partner. 

 Lush day at Coombe Abbey in Coventry. Such a beautiful estate. 

 End of Uni celebrations, we went to Birmingham for a night out and we started the celebration on the train. I must have looked such a lady with my bacardi..

 Drinkies in a pub before we went 'out-out'.

I've had a brilliant past few weeks and it is a whole chapter of my life I'm ending but I'm excited to begin a new one. I am off to get some sleep before my first day in the new job. Wish me luck..

Rachel xo

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  1. the dog is gorgeous! looks like you had a lovely time x