Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Beauty Icons

The abundance of products crammed into planet Beauty is near on impossible to keep track of with new colours and formulas popping up here, there and everywhere, I couldn't blame you for getting a little lost at times. Amongst the blur of blush, gallons of gloss and mounds of mascara a few products have emerged as beauty icons.

These products have reached star status for both their packaging and what is on the inside. So lets kick off the list of some beauty heroes I have to share.

Nars will forever be a covetted brand by many as their packagaing alone is so enticing. The matte black, rubbery packaging which dirties almost instantly doesn't deter one from purchasing. And then we have that oh so satisfying 'click' when you snap your blusher/bronzer. Like music to my ears.. 
Lest not forget their beautiful insides. More hues of pink than you could ever wish for and their infamous names. Come on, fess up, who bought Orgasm or Deep Throat purely for the colour?
Thought so..

An arguably iconic brand that gives a sense of glamour is YSL and their Touche Eclat is high up there with hero status. A complexion highlighter that really was the first of it's kind. I first used this when I was 13-14, an early starter, mistakenly as a pricey coverup for my adolescent pimples. I've never been long without one since, the gold pen applicator is as iconic as the brand.

We all need a little Chanel in our lives and one affordable purchase I would highly recommend is Chanel Soeil de Tan Bronzer which can be used as a bronzing base under your foundation or as a creamy bronzer to contour. I've found this to be pretty multifunctional which is always a welcome plus when shelling out on big brands as you really get your money's worth. Always nice to have something pretty to look at, too!

YSL Lipstick is another one of the products that stands head and shoulders above others. Their packaging has to be their winning point. I can remember buying my first YSL lippie, it was a big moment and such a treat as they are definitely in the pricier range even for a high end lipstick, though they aren't quite reaching Tom Ford prices, phew!
They offer a good range of colours and finishes, I have my eye on a few at the moment, much to my bank's dismay.

Perhaps the most iconic of all is a Red Lip, no particular brand here as everyone has their own preferences on tones and finishes for their perfect rouge pout. A red lip can instantly bring you from drab to fab as it really lifts your face and gives you heaps of confidence, even you aren't feeling it, you'll look at as a red lip demands attention. It's always a winner if you're stuck for a look and can be worn on any occasion from a red carpet to tinted balm. A must for everyone's makeup bag.

What is your ultimate makeup piece? What is iconic to you? 

Rachel xo

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