Thursday, 27 June 2013

Two One

Yesterday morning I awoke with a pang in my stomach, it was results day, the big one.. Uni results. After studying for 4 long, hard years it all over and the anticipation of results slow burning, having finished April 29th it was almost 2 months before I'd know my fate. 

I am so, so pleased to say I will be graduating with a 2:1 BA Honours English and Spanish with a Year Abroad from Coventry University. 

A slightly self-indulgent post perhaps but I am just so happy and proud of myself, I really worked hard to get that grade and I have to admit I typically didn't love Uni like the majority of folk. 
I have made some life-long friends in these last four years and had the past two years have been the best ever, yet. Living in a foreign country alone and quite literally turning up to the airport with a oneway ticket letting my life play out ahead of me was exciting and I learnt a lot about myself. Following this I returned home, older, wiser and browner ;) and moved in with my boyfriend of almost eight years in out first, little flat. Two wonderful years, my 2:1 being the cherry on top and I'm looking forward to what is ahead of me. 
I think I may have just figured where I want to be and what I want to do with my life and I'm feeling positive and happy. Real world, come at me. 

Enough of my rambling..  I assure you the beauty business will commence pronto. 

Rachel xo 

*excuse the picture, it's an instagram picture, not the greatest quality.