Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Quickie In The Shower

Cheeky post title aside which is worth a little chuckle, I'm writing today about a a favourite product of mine which speeds up showering and the aftermath that follows with copious amounts of creams, body butters and multiple spritzes of wonderful smelling things. 

The Whipped Clean Shower Butter is a handy 'twoer in oner' as it works like your normal shower wash- wash, lather and rinse but it is packed full with shea butter, macadamia oil and lots of other good stuff that leaves you squeaky clean and super soft. It is quite thick and rich and it lathers nicely, once rinsed the shower butter leaves a slight oily feeling to your skin but nothing a pat down with your towel can't handle. The shower butter essentially resigns the need to moisturise post-shower but being a soft-skinaholic and loving a good moisturising session- I don't skip this step and still slather on body lotion from top to bottom and I don't find myself to be too slick or my skin too soft - as if there is such a thing.

Soap and Glory is one of those brands that I've always admired form afar but never really experimented with much- the odd Hand Food cream here and Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss there but nothing really grabbed me in the 'I must buy this, and 2 more as stock, and then tell everyone that they must buy it too' kind of way but this one has really got me hooked! It is a delight to use and as with all Soap and Glory's products, this smells delicious and the scent really sinks into the skin whilst showering, guaranteeing a full day of being utterly sniffable- because who doesn't want that? 

Have you tried anything from Soap and Glory? Any recommendations? 

Rachel xo

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