Monday, 8 July 2013

Collection: Sunglasses

I wouldn't say I'm collector of anything, I'm afraid you'll find no coin book or stamps over here but I do posses a certain amount of makeup and accessories that one could categorise into some sort of collections. One of which being sunglasses. My humble trio I feel cover the main varieties of shades to suit every fashion and face. 

We have the cat eye glasses- that give a touch of old Hollywood glamour and I just think are so pretty. I picked these up from River Island and took only these on my holiday last year with the girls. Top-knot, by the pool with these babies on my face, I was pleased with my pick of sunnies that summer. 

The wag-tastic oversized glasses are a popular pick that can look a little OTT but in fun way that I think anyone can wear and pull off, no matter their face shape. They are also handy to hide a multitude of sins as they practically cover your whole face! You can look ├╝ber glam with minimal effort.

My personal favourites are the classic glasses which are heavily 'inspired' by Ray-Ban. The shape of these are so flattering and are universal for men and women. In fact, I picked these up from Primark in the Men's section for a bargain £1 and I tend to wear these the most. The simplest shape and design, which often turns out to be the best for most things.

Side note- These are handy if you're a girl like me and have a boyfriend like mine.. I tend to carry two pairs of sunnies around with me, I'm a sucker for accessories, I need something in arms reach at all times, so if my Aaron has forgotten his glasses or the sunshine makes an impromptu appearance, I can whip out my spare pair for me and he can wear the Ray-Banesque pair and they look like his own. Savvy sunnies voila! 

What are your favourite sunglasses?

Rachel xo

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  1. really like the cat eyed ones you have. and my faves are round shaped sunglasses. great post and blog as well, would you be interested in following each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.