Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Haul

Hello all. I've peeled myself away from the garden to put together a little post of some bits and pieces I've picked up here and there. I been having a make-up and skincare moment as of late but my love for textiles is deep-rooted and I indulged a little this past week so thought I'd share on here. I've also made an order online so I'm awaiting more goodies which will be a little pick me up when they drop on my doorstep midweek. I once again have been so busy with my job that I feel there aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I want to (i.e blog) .. so I'm going to offload now and maybe tell a tale or two..

I've been on two shopping trips to acquire what I have, one a spontaneous late night trip to my local retail park, where I was having one of those ravenous ''I need to shop'' shopaholic relapse moments where I grabbed what I could with short supply as there was only a Boots and Topshop at my resource. The other trip was far more civilised as I had planned to meet up with my friend who I haven't seen in a whole year, a whole year people, 365 days! We took a trip to Birmingham, a mutual meeting ground between our home towns and we had a good old catch up whilst munching through our Wagamamas then we hit the shops. 

I picked up No7 Essentially Natural Foundation in Cool Ivory, I was colour matched with their fancy thingy-majig and though I had already swatched and decided on their slightly darker shade, cool beige as it had a bit more colour to it, I figured the lady at the counter knows best so I plucked for her suggestion, thinking if I wasn't totally bowled over then what's the harm in spending £9 on a foundation. It's early days but I'm seriously impressed with this and I used it yesterday and it lasted all day and gave a natural finish, which is all I need at this time of year. Anything heavier would melt of my face in this weather so I'm really happy I got this and looking forward to using it some more. Next on my list of makeup essentials I needed to stock up on was mascara. I've used L'oreal Voluminous in the past and liked it and as long as the brush has a good enough shape I'm not too picky with mascaras, I always go for the blackest black colour for the most amount of impact and seeing as it was only £8 or so, this fell into my basket. 

Admittedly I've never tried the cult classic, Nars Laguna bronzer as everytime I've swatched it I've never been blown away and I'm happy switching between my Clarins bronzer in Medium and the Bourjours Chocolate Bronzer in 51. I picked up a new Bourjours bronzer as I had finished up my old one a few weeks ago and then my Clarins bronzer smashed and it is a pain in the arse to use everyday without creating a brown dusting across my white dresser. I love the Bourjours bronzer and I'm not much of a blusher girl so use bronzer to add an overall colour to my face. A firm favourite I'd highly recommend.

This little bottle has caused a huge hype in the blogging world and ever the one for a trend and being sucked in to something so simply, I just had to have it. The perfect orangey red which currently adorns my toes in a new favourite of mine. I have said before I'm more of a darker nailed gal, with nudes, greys, blacks and Burgundies taking centre stage in my collection, with a classic red thrown in for good measure, there may be a little wiggle room for this Rimmel Salon Pro in Summer Orange.

I am verging into new territory with this Topshop Fedora. It's something I've wanted to try for months now but never quite had the balls to do it but whilst on my trip to the Bullring, my friend, Frankie mentioned she wanted something like this too and we had a trying on session and I thought 'why not?' So I bit the bullet and I am so pleased I did, I haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet as somehow wool and almost 30 degree heat doesn't quite match but I'm enjoying admiring it hanging off of my clothes rail. I'll have a Millie Mackintosh google session later for some inspo on how to style it. 


I saw this Pink Topshop Dress in their New In section and it had already sold out in most sizes and nowhere local to me stocked it which left me feeling a little sad (oh the woes of my life.) Luckily my boyfriend was taking a trip to London the very next day for a design exhibition and I checked London's stock and it had it in the Oxford Circus store. The Boy kindly picked this up for me and I was very impressed he was able to find it having only a short descriptive text message of what it looked like. Oh he's a good 'un!  
I love this dress and I'm thinking of wearing it next weekend when I'm going out with my friends which has been penned in the diary for almost a month, I told you, I really am that busy.

Now this purchase was a little naughty as I do already have a white blazer which you can just about see peeping out behind other clothes on the rack.. But.. this is actually a cream blazer, which makes it all the more justifiable, right?  Its from Topshop and was £55. I love blazers and I have quite the collection, which just keeps on growing. Sorry, not sorry.

Another Topshop item, it's my favourite place to shop. A little pricey at times, yes but I always find something I like. This was £18 and is available in lots of colours which I do plan on purchasing, maybe in the pale blue? But I thought black was a good place to start. It is such a staple piece that can be layered or paired with a statement necklace and worn alone. 

I'm pretty pleased with my purchases and I felt this little shop did me good, an injection into my wardrobe which was much needed. 

Well I'm off now for my second BBQ two nights in a row and there is perhaps an hour left of Wimbledon? I'm not huge on sports but my boyfriend is enjoying watching. Come on, Murray! The weather is amazing and I'm happy I've had a chance to blog again, I needed it, to get some words down on paper (laptop) makes me feel good!

Happy Sunday y'all. 

Rachel xo

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