Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Faux The Glow

Today we're talking tan and it all seems very appropriate seeing as the weather we're expecting, a whole month of sun I hear, just the Midlands? Well, this news brings equal quantities of joy and worry- as the sun has been seriously slacking up until now, I'm not as bronzed as I'd like to be and it's almost time for the big reveal- legs, shoulders, chest.. I've been reaching for Garnier's Summer Body in the Deep Sunkissed colour, the darker of the two (I'm a go hard or go home kinda gal) and I have to report, this had been a delight to use. 

First off, the colour, in one application it gives a natural tan, applies evenly and dries like any other moisturiser, so give yourself a minute or two before dressing. The tan develops nicely and I've found it to be fairly buildable to reapply, though a quick scrub in the shower to lift dead skin wouldn't ever go a miss. 

What is wonderful about this tanner compared to others is the smell, a juicy apricot scent that is far more welcome than biscuits, we've all smelt of biscuits in bed post tanner application, haven't we? 

As it is a moisturiser with added tanner this is a good product to grab as it can be applied day or night and it's a good way to cut down on products. 

What's your favourite tanner? Have your tried this? 

Rachel xo

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