Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beauty Bucket List

The Beauty Bucket List, things you've always wanted to try but just haven't plucked up the courage or got around to doing. No matter how big or small, I think we should all take the plunge now and then. Here are a few things on my to-do list. 

1. Colour my hair- Yes I've been a bottle blonde and had my fair share of highlights but I've been eyeing up a fun colour, lilac or pink. Not all over over hue but a little dip of the tips. My only fears with this are that A) it could stain my hair (damn you porous hair follicles) resulting in a permanent rainbow hue and B) I wouldn't t know what to to wear every day, I feel as though my hair would clash with everything.

2. Claw nails- My nails can grow quite long naturally but I think for this look, acrylics are needed. I believe that  Karen Walker off of 'Will & Grace' started this trend and I quote ''No don't file my nails like that, I want them pointy, like claws''.

3. DIY eyebrow dye - I've had my brows HD'd and love a good strong brow so I have many a time considered dyeing them myself which would save time and money. Perhaps the easiest and therefore the first thing I'll take a stab at. 

4. Wear an ombre lip on a night out- Not that adventurous I know. I love a bold lip and it can be a lot of fun to have a playful pout. However, it is a little impractical, I just know it would smear on a glass within the first 15 minutes of my night and hey, a girls gotta drink!

5. Asymmetric hair cut- A la Ashley Olsen. Such a pretty hair do but I'm a terrible customer in a hair salon and don't know if I could take the chop! 

6. Pedicure- Such a basic beauty treatment, some could even argue it is a given right to every woman, but I have never been to a salon and had a mani-pedi. I manage that department myself at home but I would love to have one professionally in a salon. 

So there it is, my beauty bucket list, with my red pen at the ready, I'm off to get ticking. 

Is there any beauty treatment or trend you'd like to try? 

Rachel xo

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