Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Frizz-Free Hair Trick

I am a keen reader of The Beauty Department which is an online beauty magazine ran by hair stylist Kristenn Ess and Lauren Conrad, they have a host of tips and style ideas and hey, if it's good enough for LC, it's good enough for me. 

I have found many a nifty trick or technique thanks to their website and a gem I stumbled across and wanted to share is the post-blowdry, frizz fighting trick

I have quite fine hair and like to wash my hair most days, if not every and I think we can all relate to how tedious it can be getting into the routine of blowdrying your hair then waiting for the fluff to settle down before you tackle it with your GHDs and a good gloop of hair oil. Enter, this little trick, I have been doing this for a couple of months now and I swear by it.  In basic terms you divide your hair into two, twist into two ponytails and secure together with one hair band under your chin *Note: a little hair in mouth action may happen to secure the first section of hair while you're twisting the second. Do NOT let anyone see you during this process, it ain't pretty!

 The key is to twist your hair away from your face and I personally do not add any extra serum or oil to my ends once dry as I use enough product in my hair whilst it is still wet. 
I never go for the poker straight look anyway so this creating a soft wave is not a problem for me, in fact I welcome a little texture to my tresses. 

I think everyone should try this as it really does smooth out your hair and I sometimes don't even use straighteners at all that day which really helps with reducing damage to my hair. 

Do you have a neat trick for styling your hair? Come on, 'fess up- sharing is caring after all.

Rachel xo

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