Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Glossy Posse

I like my hair one of two ways- a matted, beach, mussed-up kind of 'do or sleek and shiny, swishy hair, worthy of it's own halo. 

Now, I have to admit-nine times of out of ten I somehow fall into the first category, despite my best efforts for K Middleton locks, I still look a little dishevelled but I'm ok with that, I think I've found a happy medium with what I've coined the 'polished bedhead' and I wear this most days *that or a top-knot, yes even to work. I have no shame in this.

My daily hair routine consists of a heat protection spray or cream, lately I've been loving the L'Oreal Elvive Smooth and Polish Leave-in Thermo Detangling Spray and I need a bit of TLC on the ends so always apply my trusty Redken Anti-Snap.  

Then enters the 'glossy posse' - for a bit of shine and some added oomph in the gloss department I've been reaching for a duo that I had to share. First I use a pump of Moroccan Oil to the midlengths to ends for extra protection and that undeniable shine a hair oil gives. I dry my hair upside down until my hair is 80% dry- this does nothing to add shine but it does add volume, an equally admirable quality of the likes of Kate Middleton and Kim Sears, who have shiny hair down to a T. 

For the last bit of drying I use a round bristled brush and smooth my hair round and into shape then I take my straighteners and run them through in a lax fashion. Then for a finishing touch and the partner to my Moroccan Oil, I spritz Batiste Conditioning Mist throughout my hair, avoiding the roots. 

So there we have it, the shine squad. Two products I rely on for an oomph of gloss in my tresses. If you liked, and dependent on your own hair type, you could use an extra pump of oil and run it through the ends to finish which really brings some serious shine but for my fine hair, I've found it to be a little too much grease and not so much gloss. 

Rachel xo

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