Thursday, 1 August 2013

Supermarket Sweep

My lunch breaks are much becoming like an old episode of 'Supermarket Sweep', granted, with the omission of those giant inflatable bananas- they go a little something like this.. When that clock hits 12 I dart to the shops and grab as much as I can in my limited time, in a panicked frenzy I cart everything into my basket and race around the aisles. Today my local supermarket was tackled in a slightly more dignified manner, having even managed to squeeze in a little browsing time in the stationery section, which I took far too much pleasure in. It's that feeling of that first, crisp white page, it is so satisfying when you first out pen to paper.

I picked up some office essentials, a.k.a coffee. I'm a big fan of the Nescaf√© Caf√© Menu collection as they're so handy for a work environment, no fussing with milk, you just add hot water. I flirt between the Vanilla and Caramel flavours, this week caramel won the battle into my basket. 
If I'm not needing a caffeine kick, another favourite drink of mine is the DrinkMe Chai Latte, I found this in Tesco once and never saw it again for literally months and then up it popped on a shelf in Sainsburys today and I could have squealed with delight, it is so delicious with a spicy vanilla flavour and is caffeine-free for those who to avoid too much caffeine. I'm not in this category, the more the merrier I say. 

I picked up Elle magazine which is just as much an essential to me. One of my monthly reads and with an amazing freebie this month. A mini Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, I've never tried a B&B product before and this sounds like a great product to test the brand on. Thickening? Count me in! 

Last but my no means least are two notebooks. They look suspiciously like Moleskine, a cult product in the stationery world, if there is such a thing? The soft leather and pouch on the inside are all very familiar. I do have both a Molskine dairy and little jotter notebook which I love but these notebooks from Sainsburys were £4.99 and Buy One Get One Free, an offer I couldn't refuse. I am most definitely a list-maker so new stationery in my stash in always welcome. I picked a classic black and went for a fun pink colour, too.

A successful shopping trip I would say and I'm all stocked up on coffee and stationery for the foreseeable future. I'm off to crack open a new notebook, sink my teeth into the latest Elle mag and lose my Bumble and Bumble virginity, I'll report back on the latter. 

Rachel xo

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