Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lipsticks That Lunch

Pain is beauty they say but sometimes, beauty can be a right pain in the arse. Take the age-old dilemma of wearing a bold lip, you want to look fabulous and show off that pout but also, tuck into a burger or *insert your favourite food here* at some point in the day. Hey, a girl's gotta' eat!

This is where you get smart, choose your weapon wisely. Be it a stain, lacquer, bullet or balm, we want a long-lasting, smudge-proof colour that won't budge from our lips. 

Lip pencils are a favourite of mine, like Revlon's Just Bitten. They apply so effortlessly, just a simple swish across your lips and they're there through day and night. A glossy stain can be more tricky but the effort is rewarded with the finish. How a glossy lip with such an opaque colour and some serious staying power is achieved I just don't know, it's makeup magic.  I find a glossy stain, like YSL or Rimmel's offerings apply best in thin layers and build it up to your desired finish. 
Finally we have the felt-tip pen which Maxfactor and Revlon among others have produced. My least favourite as these can be really drying, which Revlon have tackled with the balm included on the duel-ended pen but you really need to apply it liberally. I've found this stain variety the least effective and their colour pay off poor and not hugely unique, with every colour transferring to a generic pinky-red on myself. 

There we have it, a lip lacquer you can wear knowing it won't stray through the day.
A lipstick that lunches with you, that's my kinda thang.

Rachel xo

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