Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday Haul

Today I took myself into town and did a little shopping, I went primarily to get my Dad's birthday present but managed to squeeze in a little time to take a nosey around for myself. 

I picked up InStyle magazine, not a monthly read for me but one I've flicked through in waiting rooms etc.. and always enjoyed so I thought I'd pay my own good money for it this month and settle down with it in the comfort of my home. I've had a quick scan and it looks to be a good 'un. Already counting down the hours until bedtime...

I hit Boots with the intention of going a little crazy as I had a Boots Advantage Card voucher booklet with some enticing offers encouraging me to spend, spend, spend but with the boy looking over my shoulder and shaming me out of several products that wriggled their way into my basket, I was much more reserved and only got some essentials. 

First up was a nail polish remover, Boot's basic range which host a modest £1. It works pretty well and I've perhaps worked my way through 2 of these before. 

Next up, Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser in the Mattifying Fresh Cream formula. I don't know if it's because I'm now back in the working world, with longer days but my skin is always a little too shiny by 5 o'clock so I thought I'd give this a go. It was only £4 and the tagline 'Shine be gone' had me hooked and it's exactly what I'm after. Plus, I'm a sucker for a catchy quote. 

The final 'essential' was another moisturiser. Yes two moisturisers were required within one purchase. This had my boyfriend baffled, ''But they're the same? You don't need two, in fact.. don't you have a moisturiser at home already?'' He just doesn't get it. 
When Origins came out with their GinZing moisturiser I ordered a sample off of the Boots website and loved it, it's nothing like I'd tried before. I wanted to but it right away but had my sensible head on and waited patiently until I'd used up my current moisturiser (Clarins Multi-Active) before I darted to the shops and picked it up. It's all mine, finally! Tomorrow morning, my face is going to love me. 

Oh and here is a peek as to what I've bought my Dad for his birthday on Wednesday. Dad, I know you read my blog, I hope you aren't planning on paying a visit here before mid-week. 

Rachel xo

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