Monday, 29 July 2013

Nip+Fab Glycolic Cleanser

While perusing the aisles of Sainsburys in my lunch break the other week, I took a detour from the sandwich shelf and wondered up into the pharmacy aisle and spotted the Nip+Fab Glycolic range- complete with a serum, exfoliating scrub, exfoliating facial pads and the foaming cleanser, I plucked for the latter. I was at first hesitant as I have heard mixed reviews on foaming cleansers in general, some say the foam allows bacteria to spread and I myself associate foamy cleansers with my teen years, a bout of nostalgia of my (thankfully) forgotten days of Clean & Clear. I opted for it in the end as my want to try this outweighed any doubts or memories of adolescence where a foaming cleanser would practically burn my poor skin. 

The glycolic acid in the cleanser can improve skin's appearance and texture and accelerate the renewal of skin cells, leaving a brighter, more even skintone. I've heard and read a lot around hydroxyacetic acid (AHA) and it's skin benefits so was keen to jump on that beauty band wagon. 
It was on offer for £5 which was a purse-friendly experimental step into new skincare territory. 

I use this everyday in the shower and apply to my dampened face and give it a good lather for 1 minute then simply rinse and carry on my skincare routine once I've stepped out of the shower. It leaves my skin feeling soft and after 2 weeks of use I can report no negatives. It doesn't feel too harsh on my skin and it has a really quite sharp grapefruit scent which I personally love and I think is how it should smell, after all, citric fruits such as grapefruit are naturally acidic. 

Have you tried this product? 

Rachel xo

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