Monday, 12 August 2013

A Fuller Flutter

My makeup can change day-to-day, one day I'm wearing a bold rep lip in the office, the next I'm bringing minimal to a whole new level. The one thing that is non-negotiable are the lashes. I love having full, fluttery lashes and I'm fond of my Ardell Demi Wispie falsies when I really need to pump up the volume but for my working week, they just aren't practical and let me tell you, those extra 5 minutes of application can be used far more wisely in bed on a Monday morning. 
Hence my love and appreciation for this miniature miracle. Double Cils by Mavala is an eyelash serum which promotes growth for longer, fuller lashes. It is most effective used daily, which I do, applying every evening after removing my makeup and I make an effort to apply it in a morning too if I'm a no makeup day. 

This really works and I have seen results myself and have recommended to my friends. This is my second bottle of the stuff so it shows how much I like it and believe in it to repurchase when there is a wide variety of eyelash serums on the market. This too is a cheaper alternative to the bigger names for a lash serum, at a resonable £11 from Boots. 

There we have it ladies, my secret weapon for a fuller flutter. 

Have you tried an eyelash serum? 

Rachel xo

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