Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Want but won't buy. Definitely, maybe..

Want but won't buy. Definitely, maybe..

Today we are once again talking textiles, familiar and comfortable ground for me.
Some sort of cloth is always at the top of my wishlist and I'm constantly replenishing my wardrobe one dress at a time.
It would be lethal if I was let loose in a store, credit card in hand with only that very faint voice in the back of my mind reminding me that I am in fact not a gazillionaire. This smart voice is what's stopping me from making another online order and my purse will thank me for it.
Here's what had me fighting every fibre in my body not to 'add to basket'.

Top left: These Topshop boots caught my eye in their 'new in' section the other day and I was really tempted by these. What put me off and has convinced me to hold off before I purchase my annual A/W boots is that this particular pair are a suede material. This just conjures up images of soggy socks after and day in the rain with the boots.

This Topshop Trench coat is gorgeous and feminine. The soft green shade and light material are both pros and cons for this coat. I can't imagine it being very warm, nor is it water resistant. I'm again holding out until I buy just one winter coat. I think it's 'gonna be a cold 'un this year. Brrr.

The dress, oh the dress. Another serving from Topshop which I really, really want. I just can't stomach the price. I am resiting this purely through the mantra 'do you really need it?' and so far, so good. The perfect smock, silky dress. To appreciate this dress, click the link and take a look yourself. *drools over keyboard*
My only weakness is my very own Prada-wearing devil on my shoulder telling me I could justify this one and check it under 'Graduation attire'.  But I shall not buy this, absolutely definitely, maybe.. 

We have another pair of boots, you can see I'm on the hunt for a new pair can't you? These were also found on Topshop and I'll just nip this one in the bud right away. Too. darn.expensive. 

And finally on my list of temptations, a smock dress from Topshop. I saw this in store the other day and darted over to it. Much to my dismay, the boy was not pleased and I believe his comments went a little something like 'what charity shop has this come from?/ Looks horrible/ Don't like it'. 
I'm not normally one to care what others think of my outfit choices and I know I've left my fella far from impressed in the past with what I've thrown on but seeing as we spend 99% of our time together, on this occasion I opted against this dress. Plus I've seen something similar on ASOS which has taken my fancy and I'm sure is 'boy-approved'.

I've only just noticed all these items are Topshop, Topshop, you're killing me. 

Have you seen anything you like in the shops? 

Rachel xo



  1. love the dress! thanks for sharing.


  2. mac and boots are all beautiful! and im exactly the same have to remind myself each day that im not a millionaire haha! xx