Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nail Menu.. Mini, Midi Or Maxi?

Nails, quite literally an extension of ourselves which like our hair, we can cut, colour and style to suit our own tastes and give a nod to a trend. I've broken it down and there seems to be a rule of 3 with nails for their cut and shape, The Mini, The Midi and The Maxi. 

We have the mini, short and square with neat edges. This can look really chic and I personally think suits a darker coloured polish. If you know LisaLisaD1 off of Youtube, and I hope you do, she is in my top 3 youtubers to watch, she has the perfect, dainty but ΓΌber chic short nails. Short, naet nails can also look neat and polished with a french mani colour, Essie Ballet Slipper being a colour every girl should have in her collection for the perfect nude.

The midi nail is perhaps the most common and wearable, not too long that you have trouble texting but they have a bit of length to add a look of elegance and they give you more room to play around with textures and prints on your nails.

The maxi, I would typically fall into this category as my nails often resemble claws but lately I've been going for a shorter, rounded nail and I quite like it! (This is the problem with blogging in advance, I'm currently sporting gel extensions and I am LOVING my feline-like talons). Anyway, yes, maxi nails.. We're talking super long nails, Almond and Stiletto are the current trends and what you're tyring to achieve. Difficult to get this shape going au-naturel, unless you have super strong nails like me (I rely on Sally Hansen Powerful Acrylic Gel top coat- like steroids for your nails, super pumped up and buff- they put up a real fight against any bashes, keeping them long and strong.)

There we have it, a nail menu to suit any taste and appetite. Hungry? Go large with talons to rival any cat worth their cream or if you've had your fill but fancy something small and sweet go short with petite and polished nails. 

How do you wear your nails?  

Rachel xo

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  1. I really like the stilleto nail look, but i just cant bring myself to get them as I dont like long nails, its weird I can only have them a certain length before they really annoy me!

    I just found your blog, now following its fabby x

    Kirsty x Rockit Style