Monday, 9 September 2013

The Sienna

We all know 'The Rachel' and 'The Pob', those iconic hairstyles that define a whole era and have been replicated by a good chunk of the female population in their efforts to find a new do and emulate their favourite celebrity's style. Well, I've found my own icon in the form of Sienna Miller, not just her boho chic attire but I've ventured into a whole new territory, lusting after those locks of hers.

My current coiffure is what is what I've penned as The Sienna. The ultimate Bohemia babe, Sienna Miller has long inspired my wardrobe which would explain my much too large collection of kimonos, her style influence has worked it's way up to my hairline and I've been wearing a half up top-knot kind of creation à la Sienna. 
I saw a picture of her on the MailOnline - everyone visits this website multiple times a day, right? She was sporting a sort of half up half down, messy top knot. I loved the look of it and it has the ever-appealing element of 'the messier the better' which gets a big thumbs up from me.

My lack-lustre photography shows the simplicity of this look. I've been wearing it most days to work and I'm pretty sure if I went a bit bigger on the backcomb I could wear this out for an evening look, too.

Would you rock The Sienna? 

Rachel xo

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