Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Reads: August

So last month I began sharing some of my favourite articles and magazine spreads that really caught my eye, had me scratching my head and scribbling down notes of inspiration like a mad woman.  Well another month, another stash of magazines and I'm sharing what I've been flicking and clicking through in the month of August. 

First I wanted to share this  Horse Power Hair article I stumbled across in Stylist Magazine online and while the product in mention appealed to me, a super strength hair product, what really grabbed me was the video, it was such a fun concept and so well marketed, I must say. Very creative, I like! It's worth taking a look.

I follow StyleList on Twitter an they often post links to articles, one that intrigued me enough to click the link was entitled  10 Hair Products You Should Never Try. I had to know what they were, have I been using them? Are they concealed somewhere in my shower?  Well, here's a taster.. Silicone-based  products, protein based  products and, drum roll please... Heat protectants. 
These are things we've actually been encouraged to use in the past through all our dedicated hours pouring over beauty magazines, and I know my hair loves a bit of silicone and a protein treatment can do my hair the world of good. Heat defence? Don't get me started. I would have to go against every natural fibre in my body to resist my heat spray every time I reach for my blow dryer as it has been instilled in me as an essential step of haircare ever since my very first highlight touched my head.  Yes, all their points are backed up with some feeble explanations, but for a lot of it, I call bull. 
On a non-beauty related note, I read Elle's What Successful Women Were Doing At 25. An insightful and easy read. Having graduated in May and having some idea of what I wanted to do whilst I was at Uni and having to now to make it happen in the real world, it helped me see the paths some women have taken to get to where they are today. There is hope for me yet.  

What have you been reading? 

Rachel xo

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