Sunday, 6 October 2013

A/W Wishlist #1


Hello wishlist, long time no see. I'm covetting a lot recently, why are there so many nice things around tempting me? I caved on quite a few things and y mum is not impressed with all the deliveries we're having lately.. 

With all the spending I'm doing, (a big post is coming- just waiting on those last few parcels to land at my door, sorry mum) I'm still working my way through a massive wishlist with lots of umming and ahhhing on where to spend my precious pennies so I've collated a hitlist of some absolutely essential 'have-to-have' pieces. It's Aaron and I's anniversary a week today so perhaps maybe he'll feel extra generous and buy me everything, just maybe.. 

Let me talk you through my current gluttony.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo. Mentioned this before, still haven't purchased, still want. I was afraid this might be drying on the hair but I think just the shampoo with a good, hydrating conditioner and used every other wash I might be able to work this into my haircare routine for swishy, bedhead locks.

Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment. It has long appealed to me as I'm all for a good hair mask, but the price tag puts me off, is it really that good? Does it last long enough to get my £34 worth out of it? Answers please. 

Just Female Pardon My French tee via ASOS . I love good basics and I think the print would look great dressed simply with jeans and a leather jacket, or worn with my new leather skirt. I'm really into simple dressing at the moment and grey is my favourite colour to wear, after black, obviously. This might fall into my online basket.

Topshop Drape Dress. Because how many LBDs is too many LBDs? I love the drape front of this dress and how it falls over your legs with the asymetric cut. 

Topshop Ripped Jeans. I haven't bought actual jeans in the longest time having favoured the jean- legging hybrid Topshop have been stocking. Well, the month's are colder and my legs will begin to feel the chill so I want a 'proper' pair of jeans again. I really like these ripped knee jeans, not sure on the colour as I normally go for a darker wash but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect pair. 

Topshop Liquorice Buckle Platforms. Not entirely sure if these should be featured in an Autumn wishlist, I'm certain my toes wouldn't appreciate them as they plan on being tucked away under the Primark Super Cosy tights until March 2014. I've seen more 'socks and sandals' recently and I could try that with these beauties. Want, want, want.

Topshop Leather Panel Pink Knit. Pink is the colour for the season and though I don't own an awful lot of pink pieces, I'm inevatably going to buy into this trend if only down to it gracing ever shop window. I love the pink coats I've been seeing but this fine knit is a nod to the trend without the pricey commitment to a winter coat. I haven't seen this in store so I'll have to wait and see how I feel about the leather panel. 

Warehouse Fur Collared Coat. I first spotted this on ASOS and it looked stunning on the model. The marl grey. Check. Fur collar that is detatchable. Check. 
I prefer a longer coat than one that sits on the hips as I find them more flattering on me, plus they keep you warmer. I haven't decided on a winter coat this year yet but this is a contender. 

There's my fairly hefty wishlist. What have you been eyeing up for your Autumn wardrobe update? 

Rachel xo

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