Friday, 4 October 2013

Bag Collection

Bags are definitely a 'thing' of mine. I can never have too many a tote and my little collection covers a range of styles and functions, though I'm always in the market to expand. 
I've filtered down my stash that sits in every nook and cranny of my room to talk through my essentials and most-reached for. 

Starting from the back the black beauty is from Zara, though I think it gives a nod to a Céline with the winged edges. This bag can fit a lot in but I try not to overfill it as I tend to carry it à la WAG in the crook of my arm and it can get heavy quickly. This was my everyday bag in my final year of Uni, big enough for all my books but a pretty distraction when I was buried in them in the library. 

Another Zara number is the 'greige' messenger bag. I bought this from Zara in Jaén, Spain when I lived there for the year and I like to think of this as an 'authentic' Zara, being a Spanish company and all. The really beautiful rose gold detailing makes this so much nicer than your typical satchel and adds that little something I think. 

Onto full on rose gold, I have this bag from ASOS that I got two Christmases ago and I'm sad to say this hasn't had the attention it deserves. It's eye-catching for sure and it's pretty big so I've used it in the past as an overnight bag. Note to self: must use more. 

This Topshop bag I talked about here is my latest addition that I use as my day-to-day bag and for evenings. You can read my full review in the link. Basically, I love it. 

The quilted bag is from Marc B and I received this as a 21st birthday present and was so, so happy. It is the poor girl's Chanel and I still love it today. The long chain handles are comfortable and I use this for nights out. 

No bag collection would be complete without some clutches. The nude zip pouch is from River Island and the other side has one of those ugly gold 'R's' that River Island insist on sticking on everything in their store so I turn it the other way and disguise it tucked under my arm. 

The studded clutch is from Primark and cost something ridiculous like £6- best money ever spent. It has a detachable strap if you want to wear it over your body but I tend to carry it as a clutch, even in the day. That is a look I love, carrying a clutch bag in the day, perhaps a little impractial but pain is fashion they say. 

My ultimate bag that would complete my collection would be the Mulberry Small Willow but somehow I don't think that will be happening so I'm keeping my options open with the likes of Whistles and Zara.. 

Rachel xo

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