Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Compacts

I wouldn't say I'm a compact kinda gal- give me a mirror, a few products and some tools to work with and I'll happily bung it all into my bag and be on my way. However while rummaging through my beauty stash the other day, I noticed I've acquired a few compacts in my kit and I thought it best I  declare my appreciation for them, they make make-up application quicker and easier and the 3 compacts that have wormed their way into my kit cover the 'on-the-go' makeup brief- mattefying, concealing and adding colour.

For de-shining and minimising that afternoon glow I've roped in the Bourjois Mineral Radiance Powder, proving to be a firm favourite of mine, it mattefies the skin just enough, allowing just a hint of a glow and it doesn't leave that awful powdery finish after re-application.

Next up is concealer and the compact I've been reaching for is Seventeen Phwoarr Paint. I was a little hesitant at first with this as it claims to be heavy duty which, fortunately, I don't need too much coverage from my concealers. I apply this with the Real Techniques Setting brush and really work it into the foundation so it doesn't just sit on top and look really cakey like heavier concealers can. You'll find a nifty miniature mirror in the lid too, for a quick check-up if you have a pesky pimple that needs attending too throughout the day. 

The real hero in the pack for me is Chanel Les Beiges in no. 40. One, for the undeniably beautiful colour is gives to skin- with not a trace of 'muddyness' some warmer toned powders can create. And two, it is Chanel, darling. A lovely compact to whip out and flash to passer-bys with pride. 
I ummed and arrred over shade 30 and 40 but went with the darker of the pair in the end for process of elimination on which swatch showed up most on the back of my hand, very decisive of me. I'm still dreaming of picking up the lighter shade too as I wanted a slightly darker shade for a wash of colour all over my face initially, but I'm thinking since I'm enjoying the texture of this so much, I may have to upgrade the old Bourjois.
Neat and compact and all with a mirror in tow, these three products can be thrown into your bag and you're ready for whatever the days throws at you, strictly speaking cosmetically. 

Have you tried any of the compacts? 

Rachel xo

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