Thursday, 24 October 2013

Beauty & Fashion Chat

Well it is the end of the week and my photography has once again been pretty much non-existent, these darker nights are proving problematic, so I thought I'd tap out a few little facts and talk beauty and fashion with you. I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats, so let's get started.

I will never be one of those girls who wake up with beautifully 'slept-in' hair. My mane needs a lot of training.

Nor will I be one of those girls who can wear trainers in a fashionable way, it just looks like I'm off out on a run.

I hate 'wasting' an outfit on an uneventful day.  

Eyebrows are my favourite part of my makeup and I'm always sad to take them off at the end of my day, especially when I'm having a good eyebrow day. 

I am braving and embracing the pale this season. I haven't tanned in at least a month and I can't really say I miss it. 

I bought a really shiny silver dress two years ago from River Island (I hardly ever shop in there) and I still haven't worn it. Maybe it will make an appearance this season, metallics are in, right? 

I have worn the same necklace every day for the past eight years, it was my first ever Christmas present off of Aaron and I LOVE it. So small and delicate but beautiful, it goes with everything. 

If I could only wear one nail polish for the rest of my life, it would be.. drumroll please... Essie Lady Godiva. The perfect deep, glossy brown/ red/ black. Like painting rich chocolate onto your nails. Nom.

My hair literally won't grow past a certain length. Look back at my high school pictures all the way up to present day- still sat around the shoulder length mark. Hmmmphh! 

I love the look of midi rings and do wear them myself, but I always end up finding them uncomfortable and take them off half way through the day and they disappear into the depths of my handbag.  

Have you seen the Kate Bosworth for Topshop Collection? It looks stunning, lots of simple pieces and all in my kind of colour palette. I. want. it. all. Yes, that is the story of how my blog got it's name. I'm greedy. 

 Do you agree with anything I've said here? Have you got a fashion or beauty fact about yourself? Share- I'm nosy, too.

Rachel xo  

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  1. The necklace is beautiful! And midi rings are just too fiddly for my liking - I always lose normal rings so midi ones are a big no no for me!

    Would you mind checking out my blog? x