Saturday, 26 October 2013

Trend: Hair Tucking

While pouring over multiple magazines, tumblrs, pinterests and every other pretty corner of the internet, I kept spotting a certain trend cropping up that incorporated hair and clothes, my idea of heaven if you're wondering. 

The look is something I can only describe as 'hair tucking', a.k.a leaving your tresses under your clothes, the laziest trend, ever. There are a few things about this trend that make me happy. 
1- It disguises a multidude of sins and split ends.
2- It allows my own unruly hair to skip on the straighteners and I can happily leave it be under wraps of my favourite jumper. Perfect for the colder winter we're having as I can snuggle into my fluffiest jumper.
And thirdly, when I'm having a 'I should lop my hair off' in a chic but ultimately disatorous' urge, I can pull on a chunky knit and prance around with my faux-bob without resorting to reaching for the scissors in a moment of madness. 

Will you be using your hair as an extra layer this winter and get tuckin'? Do you like this trend? 

Rachel xo

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