Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mini Haul

On Saturday I made my regular trip to Boots with no real intentions of buying anything,
but just to have a browse around and swatch Clinique's Black Honey eyeshadow, who was I kidding? 
I got my eyeshadow swatching out of the way, it is a gorgeous, glossy brown plum shade if you're wondering- very tempted but I've got my eyes set on finally making a MAC quad this Christmas so I'm holding off until I take a trip to Selfridges and stock up on MAC, Antiqued- you will be mine.

Then I may have picked up one or two things.. 

My random purchase was Seven Seas Radiant You daily vitamins, I've taken vitamins before but I always forget to take them for a few days and then I just give up all together. Aaron put these in my basket as he knows how much I obsess over hair, skin and nails so Ithought I'd give them a go, and if Aaron is actually encouraging me to shop, who am I to refuse? Oh and they're pink, always a plus! 

Next up, I nabbed the Real Techniques Stippling brush. Real Techniques makes up the majority of my
brush collection and I currently use the buffing brush for foundation and I wanted to give this one a try. I really like the look of the pink handled brush/ powder (?) brush but the set it comes in looks a bit naff if I'm honest so I'm going to try my buffing brush for powder and hopefully this stippling brush will work a treat for foundation. Real Techniques, whyyyy don't you sell all your brushes separately? Gah!! 

Blistex MedPlus was an essential purchase as my lips have been drier than usual with the cold weather and my beloved Nivea Milk and Honey just isn't cutting it any longer. I'll keep you posted on this one, I haven't tried it yet and I'm always a tiny bit sad to dip my finger into a perfect, fresh pot of lip balm and lose that glossy lid. 

Last up is Rimmel's flesh toned eyeliner, now I'm never one to have buyer's remorse or feel guilty for spending but I was a little it peeved I had to buy this. I did own Illamasqua's Vow, a nude eyeliner perfect for the water line to brighten your eyes without the chalky look a white eye pencil can give, but it seems to have gone walkies and I haven't been able to find it in months so I opted for Rimmel's offering. Hopefully it's a good match and I'm sure I'll get along fine with it. I need something like this back in my life as I intend on doing a whole lotta' smokey eyes over the festive season and a nude eye pencil it just what you need to bring a bit of light to your eyes under all that fog.

Happy Sunday!

Rachel xo

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