Wednesday, 9 October 2013

La Roche-Posay Spot Treatment

A few weeks ago and for perhaps a fortnight long, I had awful skin, like really awful, at least for me. I don't typically get many spots and fortunately never went through that spotty stage when I was a teenager so for my face to suddenly arupt, I was quite concerned. I had to take serious action to tackle my face that was fast becoming a fleshy dot-to-dot.  

I hadn't altered my skincare and I couldn't find a cause from my diet or another factor so I marched into Boots and picked up some La Roche-Posay bits I'd heard and read so much about hoping they would clear up my sorrowful skin. 

I couldn't quite remember which product had received such rave reviews so I plumped for two that sounded promising. Effaclar Duo and Effaclar A.I, the Duo serum like moisturising treatment claims to correct and unclog imperfections overall in your skin whereas A.I is specifically for targeting breakouts. I have been using them both in conjunction along with some regular skincare I have in my routine, more so the Effaclar Duo which can be used morning and night, which I've been doing and I have to say, this is my favourite of the two and a very impressive product in itself. It really has helped my skin and I'm happily back to a blemish-free face (well, I do still get the odd one- I'm human). I will definitely repurchase the Duo, I was even tempted the other day while I spotted an offer but seeing as it isn't too expensive full price, I'll hold off until I use up this tube. I would really recommend this product!

Effaclar A.I I'm a bit 'meh with- I'm sure it helped my skin and I like to know I'm trying with my skin and using a targeting product on a spot if it needs one but I don't like the consistency of this product- it is really watery, even when I shake I give it a shake and I find it difficult to concentrate the product directly onto a blemish. I can't see myself using this up anytime soon so a repurchase won't be in order but I do have to give it some credit, as it did sort out my skin, though I'm certain Effaclar Duo is where the magic happened. 

Have you tried La Roche-Posay? Any recommendations to try out? 

Rachel xo

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