Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nottingham and Space.N.K

This past weekend Aaron and I ventured into Nottingham for the first time, to get a feel for the city we may one day reside in. Side note: Aaron is a big clever clogs and got himself a snazzy design job based in this area.

We like to get the most out of our weekends and always try and take a trip somewhere, no matter how near or far and this weekend was no exception. I did a quick google of the city to see what we had to feast our eyes on and find the hot spots for food all going-ons. I did a little dance in my chair when scrolling through the shops listed in the city (which was high priority for me, naturally) and Space.N.K. popped up. 

We visited Old Market Square, though there wasn't much of an atmosphere to soak up due to the drizzly conditions but we happily pottered around.

Through the rain we dashed from store to store when we I found sanctuary on Pelham St.- Space.N.K. Having never actually been inside a Space.NK but merely window shopping from the comfort of my bed with my laptop, I was uber excited to get up close and personal with some beauty bits. 
I spent a good wedge of the day talking to all the staff in there, who were lovely, swatching and sampling all the delights the beauty bonanza of a shop had to offer. 
After much deliberation and some self-constraint not to say ''I'll take one of everything'' I walked out with my bag of goodies and a smirk on my face.

I picked up the Bumble and bumble Surf Shampoo for beachy, tousled locks. I've only used this once so it's not review time just yet- I liked it but my hair seemed fuller, I'll report back..
Secondly, I caved on the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, this was bound to happen and I have no shame in this little splurge. I've used it from the Saturday night onwards and yep, I get it, it is so lovely to use and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and feeling gorgeous. 

The final thing that fell into my basket was the Living proof Prime Style Extender. This was an impulse purchase that I hadn't imagined buying when I was devising a shopping list in my head. Again, I've used this on every opportunity (twice) since it's purchase and I have genuinely found that is has, as the bottle says, extend the style and my hair has been more managable on it's second day, which is notoriously difficult for me and let's just say the top-knot is my friend for those days. Could this be a holy grail product for me? 

I so could have spent more, the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and Oribe Texturising Mist were dangerously close to coming home with me but I spent a small fortune in there already and do you know what? I regret nothing.
After the excitement of Space.N.K I visited the ol' faithful Boots and spotted the Bleach London hair colours, I picked up Awkward Peach... and then put it back down... Ahhh, one day, maybe. 

Aaron did a spot of shopping too, making my splurge look like pennies compared to his purchase of a new toy. Hello new camera- He doesn't know it yet but I'm taking part-ownership of the Fujifilm camera ;)


 Rachel xo

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