Monday, 2 December 2013

Dry Nose Fixers

So I book a week off of work as I have some holidays to use and I what do I go and do? Get a cold. Yes I'm typing away under my duvet with hot tea when I should be out taking myself out for lunch and getting some more Christmas shopping done. 

This pesky cold needs to shift and so does this flaky skin I've acquired around my nose after having a tissue permanently attached to my face and drying my skin out. Having a poor immune system, I'm used to catching a cold and I've accumulated through trial and error my dry skin fixes when I need to inject some moisture back into my skin, especially around my nose. 

I go back to basics and reach for Nivea Creme as it's so thick and rich. Go on, slap on a thick layer and let it soak in- if you're home, nobody will see you, except maybe the postman but I'm sure he's accustom to the opening of a door faced with situations involving face masks, bad hair days or with a toothbrush and foam escaping from mouth (like I met mine the other day). A little Nivea won't bother him. 

Clarins Intense Hydration Serum is a favourite of mine and I slather this all over my face when my skin is thirsty. I like this because it gives an instant hit of moisture you feel straight away and its also light enough to keep piling on throughout the day, even if you're not hidden under the comfort of your bedsheets but having to face the day and power through at work, no one will see this light serum slathered all over your face. 

Another Clarins hero of mine which is particularly useful come my monthly flu fix, sob, is the Huil Santal Face Treatment Oil for dry skin. This basically does what is says on the bottle and is a light weight oil that you can use all over your face. I love this for all year round and it is delightful to use before bed as you wake up with your face feeling plump and really nourished and so soft. This smells quite herbal which I struggled with at first but I've grown to love and I think it adds to the luxurious feel of this product, as it smells like a spa. A little goes a long way with this and the nifty pipette helps for pinpoint dispensing so you won't end up a greasy mess. 

Sniff, sniff, Rachel xo

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