Monday, 2 December 2013

Individual Falsies

For Aaron's Graduation I was under strict instruction not to wear false eyelashes, he prefers my peepers to be au naturel, but I couldn't go totally bare knowing I'd be having my picture taken throughout the day so we made a compromise and agreed on just a few individual falsies on the outer corners. 

For this new expedition of mine I roped in the Eyelure Individual Lashes which come in a variety of lengths to customise the look you're going for. I thought I'd play it safe and kept my lashes 'short'. I applied five or six on each eye and I concentrated on the outer corner as I wanted a full, fluttery eye and this really opens up and elongates your eye shape with that fashion of application.

I used my trusty Ardell glue as I never trust those miniature tubes you get in the eyelash pack and I think it has the most awful smell. I dotted a small amount of glue onto the corner of the try and dipped each bead of individual lashes into the glue and let it get tacky for 20 seconds before I positioned it as close to the lash line my shaky hand and tweezers would let me get and the I just got building.

I was surprised and seriously impressed with just how much volume these few lashes added and the boy was suitably impressed and I got his seal of approval on my pimped up peepers. My enjoyment in these individual falsies continued into the week and four days later, on the day of my own Graduation, I recreated my new lash look, with the addition of two 'medium' individual lashes on each eye on the outer corner again, just to add that little extra 'something' for my own day to take it up a notch. Again, I was uber impressed wore them again, (some reworn, and others new as my first batch was looking a little worse for wear) for a 50th birthday party I went to on the Saturday night. 

Three wears in one week? This is new to me. I usually dabble in lots of different cosmetics when I have special occasions on the calendar. I think I've found my new favourite thing.

Rachel xo

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