Monday, 16 December 2013

Recently my parents took a much deserved holiday to Spain before all the festive madness kicked in at home. And while they weren't able to make a stop at Sephora for me on their travels, sob, they did manage to pick up a piece of Spain I've really missed since leaving that part of my life behind in the south of Spain. 

They brought me back a copy of Elle EspaƱa after I had acquired quite the appetite for that monthly dose of foreign fashion that serves up by the bucket load and after going cold turkey aside from the odd (weekly) click onto their website I was in need of another fix and wanted to get from clicking to flicking through their pages.

Being a huge fan and avid reader of Elle in the UK for many years now, I picked up Spanish Ellethe first month I lived in their country, first as a way to practise my Spanish and ease myself into the Spanish way of life and immerse myself in their langauge, plus it beat reading El Mundo. Elle is much more my lingo.

It also soothed me, and it was something familiar in unfamiliar surroundings and I grew to love my monthly ritual of making my trip into town for that month's edition and pouring over the pages while pouring my self another sangria.

I'd go as far to say I might even prefer to the British edition, they are bang on in all their articles and they cover soo much more on beauty, which I feel our Editorial market as a whole is missing here in the UK. Allure UK holla at me.

This little slice of Spain was an absolute treat to get my hands on and I have to say to my parents, gracias y besitos! 

Rachel xo

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