Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ta-Ta Smock Dresses

A signature piece in my wardrobe along with anything black is a smock dress. Simple enough to throw on for everyday with a leather jacket and boots or worn dressed up for an evening out for drinks and dancing. There's just something about them that looks so cool and they require minimal styling which is a plus when you're tired and getting dressed in a morning. I especially like Urban Outfitters for their dresses and I think they have that whole 'look' down to a T. 

I love a good smock dress and my clothes rail is bulging with them. Their appeal, much like my equal fondness for any black fabric is with their versatility and ease in making an outfit but I do think I've reached a point in my wardrobe where I should make way for new things so I putting myself on a ban from buying anymore dresses that hang too loose or fall too wide.

I scrolled through my Facebook the other night and confirmed what I already knew, I own a lot of smock dresses and though I love the look, there is no getting away from the fact that things can sometimes look a little 'tent-like' (particularly from side-on) and you can look a little swamped in all that fabric and look twice the size you really are, which I don't mind as I dress for me. Although Aaron has once or twice tried to suggest a belt or sizing 3 sizes down to make it look like a 'normal dress' (his words)  ''it just hangs doesn't it, the dress? Oh it's meant to be like that.. so you don't want the belt..''  
He does have trouble getting his head around some fickle fashion things.

This isn't goodbye to all my smocks, I'm just going to try to branch out to (smaller) things and revert back to my 'tea dress' days, Topshop do those best FYI, skinny jeans and I may have picked up some leather pants recently so we'll see how that one turns out.
Fingers crossed it's not a Ross from Friends situation on my hands there...

Rachel xo

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