Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dior Crème de Rose

Oh the restraint to not use this pot of pink delight until I snapped a picture, it was awful. Then once I had got my snap, I almost couldn't bear to ruin the perfect lid of rosey goodness, but what was inside was so worth it. 

This has to be one of the prettiest beauty products I own and it is definitely expensive for it's category, £20 for a lip balm is steep on any budget, this one is a hard sell but I think I've mastered my reasons on why to buy. 

It is just a little bit special after all. You see, this is Dior and so you’re essentially smothering yourself in designer lacquer, and if you’re as liberal as me in your application, smothering does seem to be an apt choice in word. 

The Crème de Rose balm is light but hydrating and it also claims to be plumping, that I can’t quote it on but I apply a good dose just before bed and I wake up with smooth and soft lips, so a fuller pout would be a bonus (I’ll investigate further i.e. Keep applying this by the bucket load). 

I’ve been using this as my everyday lipbalm and whip it out throughout the day for a top up whenever my lips are feeling a little parched. I have to admit, I’m always pleased to find this at the bottom of my handbag, in it’s flawless white container, embossed with Dior’s signature and offering just the right amount of protection while keeping things pretty. 

But that isn’t even the best part. The scent, oh what a beautiful thing and now I know why our lips and nose are so close in proximity on our faces, all the better to smell this lipbalm.
You literally come up smelling like roses after a patting of this on your lips and it’s like a concentrated pot of Turkish Delight at your finger tips which will leave you licking your lips all day.

A luxury product to perk up your day-to-day routine. Move over, Vaseline. 

Rachel xo

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  1. Nice blog, Rachel. Love the Dior Apricot crème. I haven't tried the Rose, but it sounds lovely. Following you now on Blogger and Twitter and would love for you to check out my site and follow me as well!

    x, M