Friday, 10 January 2014

My MAC Quad

It's happened, and I can finally call myself a 'true' blogger, I have my very own MAC palette. 

This is of course a bit tongue in cheek but along with a handful of other products, it does seem as though a custom made MAC palette is a part of a blogger's staple diet. I'm very late on the bandwagon, but nonetheless I'm here now. All thanks to Santa. 

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, the colours. Top left and clockwise; Antiqued, Omega, Honesty and Quarry. This is unintentionally quite a similar hue to the Naked 3 palette which I also got for Christmas but didn't know about so perhaps I have a lot of similar colours now, but this is the case with my lipsticks and nail polishes and it's never stopped me before.

Honesty has been the stand out shade for me, which surprised me as I picked this one up on a whim when the MAC counter I visited didn't have the shades I'd noted down for potential swatches in stock (All That Glitters and Era fyi) but after the make-up artist put some on me I really liked how it looked and I've used it the most out of the quad so far. It's a one swish colour that is so easy for any type of look and it builds to a more intense, slightly bronzed smokey eye. Totally underrated from when I've had some serious Google sessions for MAC swatches and Youtube reviews and it hasn't come up all that often. 

Omega is one of those shades that comes up all the darn time so I thought why the heck not? I've used this all over the lid and it's perfect for a lazy day makeup look but there is a teeny part of me that doesn't think it's worth the price tag, oh well there was a space to fill. 

Quarry is a beauty of a shade and is very much a "me" colour. A little bit of a dusky, taupey, plummy, smudge hue that is so pretty blended into the crease of your eye or worn on the lower lash line for an effortless grunge look. Perfect if you have green eyes like I do.

Antiqued is another shade like Honesty that I actually 'ahhhd' when I was having a swatch and a play with my new quad. I wanted to like this shade as I know it has a few fans for it's rusted deep copper shade for an über chic smokey eye with warmth. This is stunning worn alone (in fact I think all the shades I picked are) and this is something completely unique to anything I already have (unlike you, Omega, tut tut) which is all part of the appeal with MAC products. 

I've already started to compile a list of more shades I want to make a second quad and maybe do a bit of swapping around between the two. Smut and Soba, I'm comin' for ya. 

Rachel xo

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