Thursday, 9 January 2014

Do We Have a CHANEL Dupe On Our Hands (Nails) ?

Brace yourselves, Ladies. I think I have found the best dupe in a long time, I'm talking CHANEL for a fraction of the price. If that doesn't grab your attention, I don't know what will.. 

Essie's new colour range has one special polish I gravitated towards when I spotted it yesterday in Boots post-interview shopping 'sesh (yep, I got the job too). 

The polish in question is Sable Collar and it is a dead ringer for CHANEL Paradoxal. A plummy grey with the slightest metallic reflection which is the most stunning shade for any finger. I normally shy away from metallics but for this, I made the exception. 

I missed out on CHANEL Paradoxal the first time around when everyone had it and my nails always hated me for it I'm sure.  So I wasn't going to pass up on this bottle, especially when it's half the price of CHANEL . As soon as I got through the door I painted my nails and confirmed my earlier thoughts, yep we have a serious dupe on our hands here (and now on my nails). 

A new job and a new nail polish that could fool anyone that I'm coated in CHANEL? Wednesday was a good day. 

Rachel xo

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