Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hydraluron Face Mask

I can't start without first acknowledging how darned scary looking this mask is, if there was ever a beauty product to lock yourself away in your bathroom for, this is most definitely it. 

Getting past the initial shock of my mug wrapped up in a serum-drenched sheet, let's move on to the important stuff. The mask. And all it's beauty benefits. 

As I mentioned here I picked these up from Boots when they had just hit the shops and my pack was a steal at thirteen quid, now retailing for 24.99 (ouch ladies who were late on hearing about these). 

When you first open these there a little tricky to handy and they're slippery little buggers but  just unfold thud shirt mask, pop the eye and mouth whole and position into your face. This too was a little tricky as the sheet mask was made for a mammoth sized head, so a little nipping and tucking may be required. I sat back for 15 minutes and let the mask work it's magic. I peeled it off once I was suitably soaked and following the instructions, massaged in the serum left on my face and squeezed the excess out of the pack  (the boy may at this point have had a little application of the serum too, I don't want a flakey skinned fella after all) so we got a good dose of Hydraluron. 

I love most face masks so wasn't at al surprised in liking this one too. I did go makeup free 2 days later as I was having a particularly good skin day so maybe this was the trick? After I've used the other 3 masks in the pack I'll know if it's worth to plump for the full 25 pounds for more masks or maybe I'll finally cave and get the sister serum that everyone is banging on about. I love a good hype, I do. 

Until then I'm feeling refreshed from my mask and smug at the price I paid. 

Rachel xo 

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