Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ojon Hair Mask.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus (woah, try saying that 3 times quickly) is the Don, the Big Daddy, the Business when it comes to hair masks. Suffering from dry, damaged hair thanks to my love of being a (bottle) blonde and I'm just the client to road test this product, knowing my hair would put it through it's paces. 

Starting with what will hit you first, the scent. It's something that I've heard mixed reviews on and 'coffee' is often the adjective of choice to describe the scent but my nose didn't get that, it smelt quite 'herbal' to me which I thought it was rather nice and much better than other fruity scents conditioners are often packed with. 

The solid balm dissolves into your hands after a quick scoop and rubbing action then you need to get to work in distributing this evenly throughout your hair from root to tip. Don't be shy about getting this into your roots, you won't be an oil slick after showering, I have a trick for this.

After 20 minutes of flicking through a magazine, you're ready to rinse. Now to get a thorough clean and avoid the said oil-slick situation, I ditch my regular moisturising shampoo and use a clarifying formula (Boots do a great one for just a few pounds). 

After a good lather and rinse I used my regular conditioner and let my hair air-dry until it was about 80% dry (or as long as I could bear). My first reaction, and somewhat expected but still just as pleasing when a product does deliver, was just how soft my hair was. 
Yes, this level of smoothness has been achieved before after a good blowdry and a session with my GHDs but with air-dried hair alone? Never. Completely unheard of. 

The proof is in the pudding and my hair has since been softer and more manageable thanks to this intensely moisturising mask. Luckily the oily formula and richness of this mask means a little goes a long way as this small pot is £34 and I know that beauty has a price but come on, it's January. 

Rachel xo

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