Thursday, 30 January 2014

Revlon Lips. Two At A Time Baby, Yeah.

When I buy makeup, I take Noah's approach to things, you know. Two by two. I like to buy things in pairs so I can really try out a product, get a real feel for it and pick up a few shades to establish if we have a one-hit wonder or something so impressive that I'd run out and buy more of anyway. For time efficiency and that, y'know.

Revlon isn't a brand I use regularly and off the top of my head I can't think of a product of theirs that I reach for but I have no complaints either so I thought its about time I get better acquainted with them and where better to start than with lips? 
I swatched and sampled to my heart's content and I decided on two colours to take home and play with further. 

Black Cherry and Pink Pout were the winners and I couldn't have picked two further apart shades. Black Cherry is quite scary looking in the bullet and might seem unseasonal seeing as I've just missed Christmas (the optimum time for a bold lip in my opinion) but I've always been intrigued by this shade and when applied lightly it gives a bruised plum hue which is much prettier than it sounds, I assure you. This works well as a stain and I've yet to use it worn straight from the bullet as a bold, matte lip. Maybe I'll try this in February for my birthday, because it's my party and I'll do what I want to. 

Pink Pout is much more of an inviting shade which you could wear everyday. It has a slight lavender undertone and is very matte, so make sure your lips are well moisturised so there's no flakey bits for the colour to cling to. been there, done that, it ain't pretty. 
I really like this dabbed on the lips which seems to be a winning trick for both the colours and formulas I picked.

Top marks for the packaging, very CHANEL-esque for a fraction of the price. Maybe I'll be paying more attention to Revlon next time I hit up Boots, because I'm always willing to make some space for a new lipstick (or two). 

Rachel xo


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