Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hello, February

February is one of my favourite months of the year with Valentines, Aaron and I's 'half- anniversary' mark (8 and half years this time around, woah) and my birthday all marked on the calendar, I have plenty of reason to celebrate

One thing which is extra special this month too is Aaron and I are taking a little trip to Madrid at the end of the month as a sort of birthday present to me but also because after slaving away all last summer to get work experience straight out of Uni, we never took a summer holiday and we've really earned it. 

Valentines won't be anything too snazzy this year as we'll be jetting off to Spain just a few days later and anyway, we're much happier cooking a feast at home ourselves. 

For my birthday, I have a few ideas of what I'd like but I'll probably be asking for Euros as my birthday is the day before we fly so I could do with some cash for the obligatory Duty Free shopping! 

I'm headed to London this weekend for only the second time ever (technically third, i.e. I once sang at The Royal Albert Hall but didn't see any of London outside of that hall so I don't count that as a trip) and I'm visiting my Uni friend who works down there and knows the place like the back of her hand so I'll have my very own tour guide.

Now onto my favourite piece of news, I've only gone and got my dream job! Yep, I'm a writer, a Features writer for a magazine. And I already have my first celeb interview lined up for tomorrow (eeek!) It's very early days and I'm still (eagerly) learning but I can pretty safely say I bloody love my job. 

Phew, Valentines, my birthday, London and a trip to Madrid all in a short 28 days. I knew I loved you, February. 

Rachel xo 

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